Took part in the 2023 GovHack an open data hackathon event which operates in both Australia and New Zealand. Over 3 days working with a team of 6 individuals, we created a website that provides a collaborative social informatics platform on the areas of climate change and sea level rise, it featured a visual representation on sea level rise of the Greater Christchurch area by the effects of climate change.

GovHack 2023

August 2023


Unity 2021.3.8


VS Studio


I was assigned with creating a visualisation of sea level rise of the Greater Christchurch Area and the managing the cloud hosting


Google Cloud


Creating of 3D model using DEM data

A 3D model of te Greater Christhcurch Area was created for the sea level rise visualisation, this was created from DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data from LINZ (Land and Information New Zealand). This was then imported into Google Earth where DEM tiles where stiched together to create one large height map, this was then imported and applied onto a 3D plane in Blender, this eas then exported into Unity.


The Team consisted of 6 people, we all came from various backgrounds and skill-sets, from data scientists, software developers, marketing & management, public sector, game designers and applied philosophers.