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Development of high-level prototype built using the Unity 3D game engine, it was developed for Interactive Media Development class in 2021, it is called Micro City Battle (MCB) which was an early prototype for a Single player 3rd person action game.

BCDE213 - Interactive Media Development

June 2021 - December 2021

Varoius screenshots of MCB scenes

Motives for devloping MCB were to expand my use of tools such as the Unity SDK, Blender, Video creation/animation, Material creation, I had been worked with these features on small demos but never created anything with them all combined.


Unity SDK 2020.3

Blender 2.82

Sketch Up 2016


VS Studio


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MCB Build 1511 | Windows


Low level protypes

Low level prototypes of UI elements where created on paper and persented to players as a type of slide show to understand and conduct basic usability testing shown below are some of the original paper prototypes.

Conceptual drawings to 3D

Below shows the flow from rough sketches of a scene through to using a single colour and arrows to give an idea how a player would traversers through the map, to then adding multiple colours to understand what type of materials will be used then a final scene created using a grid model system and various obejcts to fill the area.

Use of blockout

Another type of prototyping used during development were blockouts, they are used in the early process of level design to layout how the world will look and be navigated, there typically constructed only using primitives geometric shapes allowing for easy and fast alterations of levels. below are some early blockouts ofor the original tutorial section, these are created only using the default unity cube.

Development screenshots